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Zimmer® PSI Shoulder for Trabecular Metal™ Reverse Glenoid

Zimmer PSI Shoulder for Trabecular Metal Reverse Glenoid

The Zimmer® PSI Shoulder solution is a powerful 3D virtual surgery planning software, coupled with a complete set of PSI instrument guides and a patient-specific glenoid bone model providing a shoulder surgeon the ability to develop a personalized plan to accommodate each patient’s unique anatomy and then execute that plan with precision , including:

  • Implant size and orientation to help optimize biomechanical positioning
  • Reaming depth and angle to assist with maximizing contact and preserving bone
  • Screw length and trajectory to help maximize fixation

The combination of the Zimmer PSI Shoulder Planning Software and instrument guides are designed to provide a surgeon with tools to optimize positioning and fixation outcomes and to help maximize implant performance for the benefit of the patient’s Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty.

Product Compatibility

Zimmer® PSI Shoulder for Trabecular Metal™ Reverse Glenoid is compatible with both the Zimmer® Trabecular Metal™ Reverse Shoulder System andwith the Zimmer® Anatomical Shoulder Inverse/Reverse System when used in conjunction with the Trabecular Metal™ (TM) Reverse Glenoid Baseplate.