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Zimmer, Inc.

Puros® Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) with Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) Gel & Paste

Product Description

Puros® Demineralized Bone Matrix with Reverse Phase Medium (DBM with RPM) Gel and Paste are unique bone graft substitutes composed of demineralized bone matrix in a reverse phase medium.  Puros DBM with RPM products are designed to stimulate natural bone formation processes, in which mesenchymal cells differentiate into bone-forming cells. Because the reverse phase medium becomes more viscous at warm temperatures, it allows the allograft to be malleable at operating room temperatures, but causes the product to stiffen when placed in the operative site. Thus, the DBM is contained at the surgical site with minimal loss through irrigation and suction.

Variability in allograft tissue is always a concern as no two donors are alike, which is why Zimmer utilizes a highly regarded in-vivo test to confirm osteoinductive potential of every lot to ensure the ability to grow new bone.   Additionally, all lots are tested for osteoinductive potential after sterilization.

*Puros RPM Paste contains added ground cancellous bone (<500 microns) to provide additional structural properties for bone growth.